Tasting The Best Riesling Wine


Perfumed to Perfection – The Best Riesling Wine

Best Riesling Wines

Derived from a variety of white grapes, the Riesling wine originated from the country of Germany, specifically Rhine. Unlike most other wines, the best Riesling wine has an aroma that is distinctly flowery that it was almost like the wine was perfumed. On the first taste, the intense acidity of the wine can be savoured.

If you are not a fan of bitter tasting red wine, then the Riesling wine is a suitable alternative. When tasting the best Riesling wine you will experience the fusion of sweetness and acidity. Aside from the flavor, Riesling wine is different from red wines in the sense that they are seldom oak which gives it a far taste from the reds.

Aromas of the Riesling wine resemble those of apples, pears and peaches fused with a flowery scent. In some cases, honey can even be associated with its distinct smell.

When looking at the top quality Riesling wines, these can be considered as a contender for Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc which are two of the best white wines in the market. When looking for the right blend of Riesling wine, you need to know that this type of wine is highly territorial which means that the location where the grapes are grown are highly influential to the taste of the wine once processed. Aside from Germany, the wine grapes are also grown in several other regions such as Austria, France, Luxembourg and the US. Note that these are only several from a handful of regions that grow the grapes and produce their own version of the wine.

Due to the numerous countries that produce the wine and the high sensitivity of the grape to its location, it is no surprise that there is a lot of variety when it comes to the taste of the Riesling wine. This makes determining the best wine difficult since in terms of taste, there is quite a wide range to look at. From the sweet fruity ones to light and full bodied wines, Riesling carries it all.

This means that in determining the best, it really depends on the person’s palette. Some varieties of the Riesling often give a fruity taste such as apples and peaches with a zest of citrus flavors. The grape has the affinity for the mineral character of the soil on which it was grown which gives the wine a distinct contrast from the sweetness. In some cases, this mineral characteristic can even be noticeable when looking at the wine.

Pairing Riesling with food is far trickier since it has a more versatile character. Unlike others that mask the taste of delicate cuisines, this wine can be paired up with a wide range of dishes; from spices to desserts and even poultry and seafood. When it comes to the best Riesling wine you can account for more diversity in terms of flavors and aroma. It can be paired up with different food types to enhance all the different flavors all together in just one meal.

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