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Another White wine-Best Riesling Wines

Riesling Wine belongs to the roster of three great white wines in the world, together with Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Riesling is highly ‘terrior-expressive’ meaning its finish product is always influenced by the terrain from where it was cultivated. Hence, having originated in the German soil, the best Riesling wines must be from a German vineyard.

Riesling is used in making dry, sweet, semi sparkling white wines. It is characterized as sweet, exuding a flowery fragrant aroma and highly acidic in nature. Variations include light to full-bodied flavor. The exponential growth in the wine market gained so many attention from wine-makers that it is currently the world’s most grown variety, with over 120,000 acres plantation across the world. Leading the pact is its birthplace, Germany followed by Alsace, France. Other countries with significant Riesling vineyards include Italy, Australia, USA, New Zealand and Canada. Riesling thrives more in cold climates thus colder regions grow them.

Riesling Wine Variations

Germany, where Riesling originated, is also where this grape variety is well-loved.  German Riesling is characterized into three: hardly exposed to yeast, rarely combined with other varieties, and never exposed to oak flavor. The German Riesling that is heavier and higher in alcohol content has been exposed to higher temperatures while wines with natural sugars and low alcohol content are produced in lower temperatures as the cold hampers the process of fermentation.

When looking for dry Riesling wines, make sure to look for the German words “Troken” in the label and “halbtroken” for half dry wines.

Another country that has increased its popularity in producing best Riesling wines is its neighbor Alsace, France. The common characteristic of Alsatian Riesling is it adherence to the French method of winery, that is high in alcohol content, approximately 12%. It uses the process called chaptalized, where in the alcohol content is increased as the sugar levels are increased. This is in contrast with the German Riesling wine processing.

Other famous Riesling Wine producing countries to note are Australia for its oily textures and citrus fruit flavored Riesling. New Zealand, which produced Riesling wines varying from sweet to dry with lighter and delicate flavor. Austria is trademarked for an aromatic thick bodied flavor with hints of white pepper and the absence of sweetness and usually dry Riesling wines.

Riesling Wine with Anything

The good news is that it goes well with all types of food because of its sweet and acidic blend. It is one of the few wines available that can stand the strong Mexican, Thai of Moroccan flavors. The best Riesling wines can go well with anything, from appetizers to desserts!