Yelverton Riesling 2010 Wine


The Yelverton Riesling 2010

Yelverton Riesling 2010 Wine Review

The delicious dry white wines from Australia are an ultimate pleasure for any die-hard Riesling fan. These wines are produced with special care and love. They are made of the hand-picked and hand selected white grape that grows at the world’s known Australian estates. The Yelverton Riesling 2010 is probably one of the most amazing examples here. It combines the most refreshing orange flavor with crisp lime aroma. It has very gentle mineral notes and perfect acidity.  In fact, this acidity is a trademark of any great Riesling. Due to this feature, the wine tastes delightfully well with exotic Asian food and with many other spicy dishes.

Fragrant Riesling from Western Australia

This wine is very subtle and smooth. Its silky taste is very rich and unusual. This Yelverton Riesling 2010 is one of the best dry white wines. Even though its aroma reminds of oranges, it is not too sweet at all. It has some undertones of peach but they are not as obvious as the tones of citrus. Other than that, this wine is mineral and very fresh. It is great with any sort of white meat, fish and exotic spicy dishes. With all its beautiful aromas and flavors, this wine is easily one of the best new vintages. It is very elegant and tastes exceptionally great.

Smooth white wine

Being a Riesling fan, you can easily enjoy the smooth Australian white wines. But if you want to try something really great, you should go for this beautiful Riesling hailing from Western Australia. It is an aged dry white wine with a perfect balance of minerals and citrus notes. On the one hand, this wine is very typical for its region. But on the other hand, it is really unique and extraordinary for the rest of the world. It is a very nice treat for the Riesling fans, but even if you prefer other sorts of grape, you should try this amazing tipple.

Riesling with no after taste

Just like all other Australian wines, this Yelverton Riesling 2010 is full of mineral and citrus flavors. It is rightfully called the most favorite wine by many Aussies. If you are planning to discover the world of the most enjoyable dry white wines, you must give it a shot. This wine is very good with pretty much any food. It does not have any unpleasant after taste whatsoever. And it is simply fantastic for the Romantic dinners, big parties, family meetings, and many other occasions as well.


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