Riesling wines


Riesling Wines – Enjoy The Best White Wines From Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, and California.

Riesling wines originated in Germany’s Rhein and Mosel river valleys. This grape can be produced to provide a dry , sweet, or full bodied flavor wine. Dry wines contain labels with the German words Trocken “dry” or Halbtrocken “half-dry”.
Riesling wines
The Riesling wine producing regions of Germany are Mosel named after the major river that runs through it. This region produces lighter styled Riesling wines. Germany’s largest wine producing region – the Pfalz region is located along the Rhine river. Rheinhessan is Germany’s second largest wine region with Riesling grapes the second most grown grape in this region. The Rheingau, situated along the Rhine river is home to one of the most famous Riesling Estates belonging to Schloss Johannisberg. The grapes grown here tend to produce more full bodied and richer tasting wines. Nahe bordering the Nahe river has received worldwide acclaim for its Riesling wines. France only allows the Alsace region to produce the Riesling wine, producing dry wines with more alcohol content than the others. Canada, New Zealand , and Australian are also great Riesling wine producers. Watch out for Clare Valley wines from Australian.

Food pairing is easy with Riesling wines, these wines range from dry to sweet making it a match with desserts, thai food, asian food faires, fruits and fruit flavored desserts, fish, crab, pork, wild game, and other seafood.

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